OpenPGP Public Key Server Commands

Welcome to, a keyserver for OpenPGP hosted by KF Webs, part of the round-robin. : when security matters;

Extract a Key from the Server

Submit a Key to the Server

Extracting a Key

Here is how to extract a key:

  1. Select either the "Index" or "Verbose Index" check box. The "Verbose Index" option also displays all signatures on displayed keys.

  2. Type ID you want to search for in the "Search String" box.

  3. Press the "Do the search!" key.

  4. The server will return a (verbose) list of keys on the server matching the given ID. (The ID can be any valid argument to a pgp -kv(v) command. If you want to look up a key by its hexadecimal KeyID, remember to prefix the ID with "0x" .)

  5. The returned index will have hypertext links for every KeyID, and every bracket-delimited identifier (i.e. < kf (at) >). Clicking on the hypertext link will display an ASCII-armored version of the listed public key.

Index: Verbose Index:

Search String:

Show OpenPGP "fingerprints" for keys

Only return exact matches

Extract caveats:

Submitting a new key to the server

Here is how to add a key to the server's keyring:

  1. Cut-and-paste an ASCII-armored version of your public key into the text box.

  2. Press "Submit".

That is it! The keyserver will process your request immediately. If you like, you can check that your key exists using the extract procedure above.

Enter ASCII-armored PGP key here: